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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Red Shoes

Recently I took stock of my closet and realized that the last few pairs of shoes I've acquired are red. Not just red but red & Girlie. What's going on here? Not so long ago my closet was teeming with thick, tough, black boots. 
When and how did this transition occur? Then this thought hit me, "Is this my mid life crisis? Am I that bald guy driving around in the shiny red convertible?"   Eek!
Oh well, I'm off to see if those cute red clogs over at Hanna Anderson are on sale yet. :)


  1. Hello Eve, I really like your blog! You have been blessed with so much creativity! I love it.

  2. That comment was from Stacey Miller :)

  3. Oh! Red shoes as red flag for mid-life crisis. Now that made me smile. : )

  4. i like red shoes better than black clunky ones...... =)

  5. As a fellow lover of clunky, black shoes, I did find myself almost addicted to my maroon clogs this winter (as if you couldn't notice:), so I understand your new love affair!

    Adorable, and they match your headband.