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Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Cutie!

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday, she is now a whopping 10 years old. To make the day even more memorable she experienced her first ever movie in a theater. Yep, it took a whole decade to find something worthy enough to actually go out to see. We happen to be loyal fans of Hayao Miyazaki’s films so when Ponyo came out this weekend it was perfect timing. After all that restaurant/vacation food of last week my girl’s birthday meal request was a home cooked favorite, chicken paprikash. Coffee ice cream for dessert, she doesn’t care for birthday cake. We were all grateful for the “home food”. The day was made even more special when we picked up our guinea pig, Pumpkin who seems to have made a complete recovery. We are all very very happy to be home.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Goodbye Bloggy Friends...

Tomorrow we are off for our annual beach vacation. Normally I would be elated. But, instead I am a ball of nerves. One of our guinea pigs, Pumpkin, is very ill. This morning the Vet hydrated her and gave her an antibiotic shot. She will be needing antibiotics and special food given to her 4x a day for the next few days or she won’t survive. We leave tomorrow for RI and a hotel that doesn’t take animals. ARGHHH. You see my dilemma. I am leaving her with a very responsible friend, but still I am nervous about Pumpkin and uncomfortable putting my friend in this position. I will actually have to force myself to relax and have a good time at the beach.

The photo is of Pumpkin the day I brought her home 2 years ago, she was soooo tiny.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Food

There are certain dishes I make constantly in the summer. Right now we are in the throes of "summer food". By the time September rolls around we will probably be sick of them, but for now we are loving it!
Tomato/basil salad
Any summer fruit or veg ends up in a crepe!
Cold peanut noodle, yum!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cool 2-in-1 Bag

I Have been saving this fabric for a rainy day and boy is it raining! I used a pattern from the July issue of Cotton Time, an excellent japanese sewing book. I am taking this very cool bag on vacation with me in a couple of weeks. By day it's a big tote carry-all. For evening it transforms into a cute little purse. Very nice. It's also very nice to have a fetching friend at the ready for some impromptu modeling, thanks D!