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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doll Skins

When we are cooped up in the house as we have been, my girls rummage through my stuff. My closet is filled with interesting boxes, baskets and bins containing objects waiting to be rediscovered. I have a large bin filled with my childhood dollhouse furniture and miniatures. I have huge fabric bins, yarn bins, vintage clothes and shoes for dress up (I've seriously got at least 5 cloaks), embroidery supplies, beads, my grandmas jewelry (and mine), hats and DOLLS. 

Vintage Barbies and Dawn dolls, my Sashas, dollhouse dolls, a suitcase of 18" dolls and another suitcase of clothes for them. There are also dolls that I have made over the years. Some have sentimental value because of the times in my life that they were created. I call them my "therapy dolls". There are also dolls I made with the intent to sell, but my girls won't let me because they have fallen in love with them. There are too many of these. 

 So my young one was rummaging and found a pile of what I call "doll skins". I just stuffed them and I am about to breath life into them. I am looking forward to it, it's been a while since I made a doll. I have been knitting too much! I have these ideas for male dolls. I really want to put some beards on! Stay tuned for who will emerge from this pile of skins. If my girls will let me, I will put some into my Etsy shop. We'll see how that goes...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Under the Weather

This is my little arsenal of remedies I've been carrying around. I keep everything in one place, always close at hand.  I can quickly put drops into an ear, squirt a sore throat, rub oil into lymph nodes, message arnica into aching thighs.
You get the picture.
We are "under the weather".

On the bright side, 10 skeins of mushroom colored yarn and our new read aloud book arrived today. 
Perfect timing really. It's such a dull and rainy day. What's a better way to nurse a cold than with a new story and a new project?

While waiting for the yarn for my newest project to arrive, I needed a little something to keep busy. I started a super quick ribbed vest on number 15 needles. I like wearing knitted vests around the house. They keep me warm, while leaving my arms fully free. I was knitting along and when it came time to start decreasing for the armholes, I just couldn't do it. Even though I've had this yarn for years I'd never seen how it looked actually knitted. I love the soft color changes. So, I just kept knitting...I still am. I guess it's going to be a big scarf (maybe shawl?). 

Under the weather: Colloquial expression for sick or ill as, for example, to be under the weather with the flu. The phrase "under the weather" came from British sailing ships. When a sailor became ill he was confined below deck out of the weather, so it was said that he was under the weather. (

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snowing and Knitting

If I had to go out everyday I would have a much different outlook on snow. But since I don't...I like it. I enjoy being holed up with lots of tea and knitting. My girls have also taken to knitting these days. I asked my husband last night, "What did I do all winter before knitting?"
I answered my own question. I read. I mean, I read more. I still read. I read quite a bit in fact. I always stayed up a bit too late reading. Now I stay up a bit too late knitting.
I don't exactly NEED more warm clothes. It's certainly not a necessity to knit these days. It's fun, it's relaxing and it feels good in cold weather to cozy up with a pot of home brewed chai and some nice soft yarn.
Here's my latest, a lacy shawl. I had to keep breaking the yarn and making little balls to knit with to get the colors exactly where I wanted them. It worked out and I'm happy with it. 
I'm also happy with the brand new/made in London burgundy leather skirt I thrifted this week. Just right with the new shawl.

I had to give you a little peek of my Shirley Temple doll this week as a tribute to her.