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Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Food

There are certain dishes I make constantly in the summer. Right now we are in the throes of "summer food". By the time September rolls around we will probably be sick of them, but for now we are loving it!
Tomato/basil salad
Any summer fruit or veg ends up in a crepe!
Cold peanut noodle, yum!


  1. Um....yum??
    i'll take all three. =)
    btw, that pasta dish you dropped off the other day was so yummy! thank you! =)

  2. yummy! WHere are the recipes for those delicious dishes!! ;)

  3. oh I should do the peanut noodles. why don't i do the peanut noodles?

  4. Hi Ladies-
    Chveya- sorry about no recipes! I just wing it to my own taste buds. A Google recipe search should do.
    LL-I am constantly reminded by blogs to make favorite dishes. Now I feel like I am giving a little back.