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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gettin' cozy

The weather here in NY is quite chilly, perfect for getting cozy with a cup of hot tea. The matryoshka tea cozy from my etsy store went off to it’s new home in Australia this week. I wonder if the weather is as brisk there today as it is here. This year I am going to make myself a tea cozy. I have been saying that for years, but you know the old saying about the shoemaker’s kids going without shoes. The maker of tea cozies drinks tepid tea. It’s pretty lame but I usually wrap a kitchen towel around my pot to keep it piping. I am determined to make myself a cozy, let’s see if it happens.


  1. I just got my cozy out yesterday! We've used it several times already. I love tea cozy season.

  2. LOL!!
    Do it! enjoy the fruits of your labor!! =)

  3. Well, if this is a tea cozy, I'm loving it. I love nesting dolls! I'll be following you now!

  4. I do that to! The dish towel. I was sad to see this one sell. I hope you do make yourself one and post it for us to see.