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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Socks and Bones

As a child I collected deer jawbones. I kept them in a box like treasure. I would take one out from time to time and comb my long, dark hair with it. All the while imagining myself a beautiful Native American princess. When my daughter came home with these two jawbones I thought it was pretty cool. Her story is that her and her friends came upon a deer skeleton in the woods and claimed it as property of "the fort". The bones were gathered and arranged artistically in the fort along with a lot of other broken, sharp and dangerous treasures that I'd probably rather not know about. My girl tells me she was allowed to take what she wanted home because I'm the only mom who happily allows "dirty bones" into the house. About the sock- I started this blog with my spring sock so I thought I'd show off my fall sock. It's taking a long time what with all the doll making going on around here but it's coming along.


  1. Bones are so interesting. We haven't found any around here yet but we also haven't been in the woods for awhile because of deer hunting.

    I love the colors in the sock.

    ~ Jennifer

  2. jumping up and down that God led me to your blog this morning.....for so many reasons and my ADD brain can't get my fingers to type fast enough.

    First....your profile description about "hugging trees" is exactly the message I try to well as so many similarities! I too used to be in the NYC ratrace with a boutique "way back" in the day....I am a natural mama raising my kids the way I pray God wants me to....I am in the process of passing along a children's business that promotes natural parenting, Christian values, etc....

    wow, just blown away. The cherry on top....we've had a deer jaw bone sitting here for the past year that the kids found out in our back woods and never figured out what exact animal it came from.....I just matched it up to your photo and will admit that I did a funky little jig.

    OK, enough rambling......

    Have a great day~

  3. I'm the mom who lets my kids bring home the dirty stuff too! : )

    Do you have to do anything to the bones to keep them from being smelly or are they clean enough? Pardon my ignorance, I Just wouldn't want anything to hatch or crawl out of them in case we find some in the woods -- we've had stuff like that happen to us in the past, it can be quite educational !!

  4. Michelle-
    Wow- That is so great to hear. I'm very grateful that God led you to me, because in turn I have been led to you! This is the kind of thing that will keep me blogging. I will be visiting you.
    keep rambling!

  5. Green Mama-
    About the bones... Luckily most of ours have been pretty clean. But, when my husband was young he collected bones and he once found a dog on the train tracks. The head was cleanly separated from the body (I know ...Ugh). He put it in a safe place to weather over the winter. The elements did their job and he then cleaned what remained with soap and a toothbrush. During that experience he found out you shouldn't soak bones in anything acidic because it makes them rubbery.

    Once I found my girl's bed crawling with little larvae that hatched out of something she had brought in. Yes, quite educational!

  6. Yup, I'm one of those mom's too. I think that it's wonderful for kids to explore nature and all that God gave us.:) I'm also thinkin' that I really wish I knew how to knit because hand knit socks are so awesome.;)
    Take care!

  7. Aw, come on. I'd let bones into the house. Except they wouldn't. :)