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Friday, January 21, 2011

bumpy-lumpy neck warmer

I have always found myself attracted to textiles with round designs and patterns whether they be printed on or even better, textured. I have never gone for geometric shapes or grid type patterns. I guess it’s because I am most inspired by nature and rounded things seem more like living, growing  things. I love the look of things  with lumps, bumps and even circular things covered in spikes.
I had the idea of a scarf with random little bumps all over it. Like they were growing here and there, not in a perfect mechanical pattern. So I started to crochet. 
I got this far when I realized that this would not be a very comfortable scarf because the pattern was so stiff and tight. It would never flow and wrap around nicely. So I stopped there and added four matching little pearly buttons. For a bit of unnecessary whimsy I made a tiny ball to dangle from the end. It’s like one of the balls in the scarf actually broke out and is just hanging there. I am really glad it worked out this way, it’s a lot more interesting than my original idea.


  1. I love it, it turned out wonderful!! Clarice

  2. I love the buttons.

    My grandmother used to do what she called a popcorn stitch. That's what the lumpy-bumpies remind me of. :)

  3. Your works are lovely!!
    Have a happy Tuesday xx