To Amuse and Delight

Friday, April 1, 2011

The stretching of a dish.

  I made a big bowl of this: corn, beans, cilantro, onion, salt and the juice of a lime.
It's made from canned beans and uncooked frozen corn, no cooking!

 I immediately started devouring it with chips.
 For lunch it resurfaced as my salad topper.
For dinner, I still had a taste for it.  So I threw it in with some pasta and feta cheese.
The next morning there was only a smidge left.  I ate it for breakfast with some neufchatel cheese.
This was the easiest thing to make and to eat. Does anyone have another easy, stretchable dish?


  1. I'll be enjoying this soon:) Looks and sounds delicious. I'm trying to think of something I stretch like this, but my strength is not with food. I still dream of my college cafeteria at times because they fed me with no questions asked. Obviously, I like easy. It's great when it can be truly nourishing as well.

  2. yum!!
    I put beans in the crockpot once a week and one night we have burritos, another bean soup, and if i'm really good i use the rest in enchiladas or tostados!

  3. Andrea- I wish I could, beans being a really perfect for stretching. But the man has a disagreeable stomach when it comes to beans. Growing up he ate rice and beans almost everyday, maybe his body is rebelling!

  4. Eve, that it one of my favorite things to make, especially in warm weather! It was so funny to recognize it in your bowls. I have so many variations of it too, with just minor tweaks or additions. Yum!
    Another food I love to stretch it whole boiled chickens. It's sooo easy to just throw a few in my giant pot with a whole onion and a few celery stalks for a few hours, and there are so many uses.
    I give the soggy skin to our cat, I tear up the meat and use it on top of a green salad, I make chicken salad (with vinegar instead of mayo), I make sandwiches, soup, creamed chicken, chicken tacos, enchiladas, nachos ,etc., or just about anything. Then, I throw the bare bones back into the same boiling water for about 20 more hours and I get the most delicious, nutritious broth for soups or cooking rice. When they are boiled for so long, the iron is pulled out of the marrow, and so is all of the flavor.
    Sometimes I boil a few and freeze the meat and broth separately.