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Monday, May 23, 2011

After the Rain

It has been raining here a lot. A whole lot. Like every day. I found myself slipping into “snowed in” mode. For me that means not leaving the house, reading, sewing and baking. That’s alright when it really is snowing. But it’s Spring. I should be out there planting, wandering, foraging, smelling Spring, being dazzled by the colors. Finally there was a break. We were sitting at the table reading. I was thinking about what to bake and out it came. The sun! I said to the girls “We need to get out, now! This might not last long.” We ran off immediately for a woodsy walk. 
I am so glad we did. It seems we were not the only ones rejoicing in the sudden break in the rain, all kind of critters were scampering around us. The birds were shaking the water off their feathers and singing. So many mushrooms had popped up everywhere. Even a snake seemed to be enjoying the sun, stretched out relaxing so close to us I could touch him.
My advice is to get out there and grab the blessings while you can. When it rains again you will wish that you had. 

(The photo is of my little one playing with some interesting clumps of mushrooms. She was making believe that she was the "Mushroom Lady",  that her umbrella was a giant mushroom and that she was causing the mushrooms to grow. )


  1. We just went through the coldest May in over a 100 years. Yep, grab the sunshine when you can. Thanks for the post. (Though I know in the heat of August I will look on back on those quiet rany May days.)

  2. Yes- I am with you Doug. In a couple of months I will bemoan the heat and humidity.

  3. I find that constant rain can really get me down, luckily in Australia that doesn't happen often. Great that you were able to get out in nature for a little while at least! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the water baby painting too :) it is what I aspire to.