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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

knitting glasses

There's something new in my knitting basket. Is it that great book, 'Vintage Knits'? Or my first ever intarsia project? Besides those things you also knitting glasses. For a few months now I have been needing more distance between my eyes and whatever I am reading, sewing, or knitting. Well, I finally went to get my eyes checked out. After the initial eye chart reading the doctor said , "You have impeccable eyesight', she wrote 20/20 on my licsence renewal card. "O.k.", I said, "If they're so perfect, how come I can't see when I'm knitting?".  "You're a knitter?!", she exclaimed. "Yes", I replied. "Obssesive?", she asked. "Can be", I said. Her reply? "Oh, we've got to get you some knitting glasses!"  When she checked my eyes with that very close up magnifying device she said, "Oh, yes, you're a knitter. I can see a lot of fibers stuck in your eyelashes.". That was strange to hear. Maybe my knitting glasses will work as a shield to protect my eyes from all those fibers!


  1. funny Eve! :) Your doctor sounds like a good one. Love this post. I'm near sighted so I just take my glasses off to see near, which can be bad if I forget where I put them. ;)))
    P.S. Am so having knitting envy of your skills right now.

  2. Wow, that is intersting. Maybe that is my problem!! Clarice

  3. Ha Tracey!- My skills are not "there" yet. I ripped this sweater out at least 5 times already to make those flowers, but thank you.

  4. This is so interesting! I don't knit but sew a lot and use yarn for doll hair. When my vision seems to be getting fuzzy it may just be my eyes getting fuzzy hehe.

  5. That sweater looks AH MAZING!!! i can't wait to see it in person!

  6. Lol, on the fibers! :)

    Oh, I bet you look too cute in your knitting glasses...