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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Sheet Magic

It started when I bought a backpack to use while on vacation. We would be taking a ferry instead of our car. That put a damper on my usual way of packing. I tend to bring all the comforts of home: my drying rack for all those wet towels and bathing suits, my electric kettle and coffee press, teas, "real" cups for us all. You get the picture. Once I even plotted how to take (smuggle) a sick guinea pig on vacation with me. (My husband put his reasonable foot down on that one.) Now, we each were to have one rolling bag and one back pack. A week before we left I found a back pack I could live with, it's purple and blue and flowery. Blue? Mind mind starts turning. Now I want some blue/purple clothes to go with it. I have one week and no money to use for wardrobe. I head to my trusty fabric stash. I find a blue patterned sheet that I got at a garage sale for pennies and a small piece of purple jersey. With no time to waste I forego using patterns. Sometimes I decide not to sew at all because I dread the nonsense of dealing with patterns. It's happened that after unfolding, folding, cutting, reading, sewing I end up with a garment that doesn't fit me and that I don't even like. So this time I grabbed a couple of garments that fit me well, I layed them right on the fabric and just cut away. This cut my work time drastically and gave me a perfect fit. I made this wrap around tie skirt and a purple shell to wear with it.

  I find a long, loose, cotton dress the best thing to put on my sun drenched body after spending all day at the beach. Of course I don't want to look like I'm wrapped in a old soft sheet, even though I am! For this one I used a favorite 20 year old Cynthia Rowley dress. I'm glad that I've kept it all these years, it's tattered and has pills but the fit is still great.
My vacation book, Wren Bay was wonderful. I devoured it.

"There is something satisfying in taking what one already has and using it in a new way."
from Wren Bay, the story of making a home


  1. love everything about this. you are so fabulous.

  2. Love, love, love your skirt and dress. All form a sheet, Well done!!!
    I am so glad you enjoyed Wren. I hope she inspired you!! Clarice

  3. Eve...I am in AWE of all of this...the transformed garage sale sheet into a LOVELY dress...the use of a favorite, well~fitting garment as a pattern...all inspired by the need to use a (pretty!!!)backpack! This backs up my firm belief that the desire for beauty in our lives is not frivolous...look what creativity and actions it can spark! I am so inspired by the way you think. Thanks so much for sharing and LOVE the pictures.
    P.S. I sooo related to your guinea pig aside, I hate leaving the animals sometimes, especially if they're not well...guess it's the Momma in me.
    P.P.S. Wren Bay is such a soothing and inspiring read...I absolutely agree.

  4. Dear Eve,

    Thank you so much for coming by and visiting my blog! I love meeting new kindred spirits! I love "Wren Bay," too, and am in the middle of reading it out loud to my girls (after reading it myself first).

    I hope your guinea pig fared well while you were gone; we left our chickens behind with friends while we visited family in Idaho this summer, and one had a limp when we came back. I've been trying to not feel guilty for leaving her ever since!

    The skirt and dress are simply genius; what a beautiful sheet!



  5. What joy to find another 'kindred soul' to share the makings of sewing and loving our children. Like you, I also left the garment district in NYC to raise and nurture my children. We moved to PA and have been here, living simply and frugally by the river. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Your skirt looks great! Thank you so much for sharing...