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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Almost Sweaters

Today was a day made for books, tea and knitting. The snow was gently falling, the girls were busily occupied reading and making things. I began pairing up yarns with patterns. Then I saw it. The dreaded pile. Those three almost sweaters, just lying there begging to be made into proper sweaters. Ugh.
I love to knit. It's relaxing, it's fun. Even more fun is the excitement of planning and playing with the colors.  For me, sewing sweaters together is not fun. It is work. 100% chore. Today I decided that I will finish at least one of these sweaters before I start a new one. I am toying with the idea of running them up on the sewing machine. I know it is unorthodox for hand knits but I really, really dislike doing it the "right" way. I will let you know how it works out. Then I might just start some socks. At least with socks when they're done, they're done!


  1. Oh, how many "almosts" I have, too! This inspires me to finish one thing this month and two more in February!

  2. Projects and certain books can be this way for me as well. Sigh. Do let us know how it works out. Creative endings can be good:)

  3. Isn't it crazy how often we become paralyzed by "the right way to do things"? Long ago I realized that I'd never accomplish much of anything if I didn't create my own right way of doing things! Obviously this doesn't work for everything, bread won't rise without the yeast and cars won't start without a working sparkplug. Yet the creative areas allow us much more freedom to work out our own ways of doing things and that is such a nice choice! I suppose my point is...go ahead and machine sew the sweaters! I'm certain the lovely colors, and the skill and love that went into the knitting of the pieces won't change a bit. And, frankly, I'm impressed with what you've accomplished so far...I couldn't knit a straight potholder! ;)))

  4. Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I will definitely let you know how this turns out- whether good or bad!

  5. Tracey-
    Yes, you are so right! What started the "right" way of doing a creative thing anyway? A person. People are wired so differently, so there have to be many different ways to accomplish these types of endeavors. Often I think it's better not to get bogged down by other folks methods because it can stifle my own resourcefulness.

  6. OH I love snow in days. My idea of heaven. Heck they are your sweater and you get to finish them off any way you want!! Clarice