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Monday, February 4, 2013

Treasure Hunting

I have been trying to curb my thrift store browsing now that my daughters are loving to thrift as much as I do. I just can't handle anymore dust mite stuffed animals. When we have a legitimate reason, we go. Last Saturday we were on the hunt for brown hobbit pants.  My older daughter is assembling a Bilbo costume and before I buy fabric and start making from scratch I like to see what can be salvaged. We did find the perfect hobbit pants. They just happen to be 7 times too big, but I can work with that.

 I also came away with these little klompen. Stamped on the bottom it says, "made in Holland". I went to Holland many years ago and I regret not buying a pair while there. I even went to a tiny shop where a man was hand carving them. There were shoes of every size lining the shelves and it smelled wonderful. Now I have these little ones to remind me of Holland even though I bought them right here.
I also found this adorable tiny food scale. The actual width of this thing is less than two inches.  For 99 cents how could I resist? I thought it was a child's toy from the 50's. When I got it home my daughter informed me that it said "Official Weight Watchers Scale". That just added more kitsch to it, I like it even more. And it really works!
Ahh, the skirt. Sure there is snow on the ground and it is freezing here. But, as soon as I spied this skirt I thought "barefoot-summer-fairy-skirt". I grabbed it. Besides the gold threading throughout, it is hand embroidered with copper metal wire and glass beads so it really sparkles. Conjures up images of soft moss under feet and plenty of sunshine.

 I really should have stopped here but...
I didn't, AND I broke my own rule. My daughter quickly brought my own words to my attention...
"NO more dust mite stuffed animals!"
 I felt it needed rescuing. I just couldn't leave it in that jumble of brightly colored plush madness. Though I do really like it, I hope it will be worth all the aggravation it will cause in my future. I will be forced to hold my tongue when my daughters fall in love with thrift store animals. How can I enforce a law that I can't keep myself?


  1. :-) It's so nice to find things that make the home homier and get a bargain on them!

  2. Hello sweet Eve! It is lovely to "meet" you! Thank you so much for visiting me and for your very kind comment! You blessed me so much! Your blog is lovely and your post is delightful! I got so tickled reading about the "dust mite stuffed animals." They are so hard to resist, especially when they are as cute as the squirrel you rescued! You won't regret bringing him home. I love all of your finds and those shoes from Holland were meant for you! Oh, the skirt is gorgeous... yes, "a barefoot~summer~fairy~skirt" describes it perfectly! I hope you have a lovely evening sweetie! Love, Paula.... I loved reading about you in your profile! That is so wonderful!!! I have always homeschooled my son. xo

  3. Great finds! Those wooden shoes must have been waiting for you:-) Love that old WW scale, lots of possibilities for decorating the top. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment.

  4. Dear Eve,

    Great thrift store finds! I go through phases, too, of buying and not buying, but it IS awful hard when you find something perfect. My girls are fully into "The Hobbit" now, too, and love acting out different parts.

    Here's to many happy barefoot days ahead~



  5. HEY! I'm the one that bought the squirrel, but you insisted on "rescuing" it from the stuffed animal basket. So I gave it up.