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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kale Chips and New Knits

I have jumped on the kale chip bandwagon. The girls and I cannot get enough of them. They are on the table every afternoon for tea/snack time, so crispy and salty. They melt in your mouth. I make them both ways, in the oven and in the dehydrator. I'm still experimenting with timing and seasonings. 
I like decorating the inside of the house to mirror what is going on outside. Right now we have so many birds visiting the birdhouse. We have a gorgeous mated pair of cardinals who visit every morning. We seem to be their favorite breakfast spot. 
People have asked me how I store my kale chips so they don't lose their crispiness. To retain the crunch I put them in a glazed pottery crock. I use this to store raw (dehydrated) cookies and crackers too. But, really I don't know how long they will keep because they are always eaten up the first day I make them!
Okay, this isn't officially a "knit", as my title says. It's crocheted and I usually don't like the look of crocheted garments. I do like other things made with crochet. My daughter makes adorable amigurumi, but for wearing I usually go for the look and feel of knitted pieces. 
A friend of mine has been wearing a crocheted shrug/cowl thing that she made and as soon as I saw it, I wanted it! I showed up at her house one day with yarn and hook and asked her to show me how to make it. I really like the rib effect along the top and bottom. I doubled up my yarn so it's thick and super warm. We have been having consistently freezing (actually below freezing) temperatures and this is getting a lot of use.
The same stitching friend who taught me her shrug pattern just taught me to cable! I am very excited about this. I have been knitting for five years and I have been intimidated by cabling.  I asked her for a simple cable pattern to learn on. If I had trouble I knew I could just run to her for help. She jotted the stitches for this headband down and I went to it. It was really fun and easy to get the hang of. Now I am ready for more, she graduated me up to a more complicated cable. It will probably be another ear warming headband and you will be the first folks to see it.


  1. This encouraged me in two pursuits! I've been thinking that I need to start making Kale chips as soon as the move is over and my dehydrator is accessible again. It's like eating potato chip vitamins! But even more, I love the idea that you could possibly be intimidated by crafting! I always think of you as the invincible handiworker so it's good to know that even at your level, there are things that require learning and practice. I have decided to teach myself how to crochet this winter, then how to knit next winter, so this is especially relevant. I have been intimidated by the fancy schmancy homemade things others wear up until now. So, anyway, good for you, that you are continuing to learn things you love! It's good for the soul.

    1. Oh, Gypsy!
      Thanks for those kind words. There are a lot things that I find intimidating. Plenty of things I'll never get, but that's fine. The main thing is, try everything that interests you, if it sparks with you, you'll know it. If not...move on. Put your energy/time into the things you love and it will be evident in the finished product.
      p.s. Your girl can teach you to crochet--she's awesome!

  2. Dear Eve,

    We love kale chips, too! They vanish within minutes of being made, and even get sneaked out of the dehydrator before being all the crisp. I love the rustic bowls you serve them in. I've been thinking of buying some wood-carving knives and making spoons, etc., so you've given me some new ideas. :)