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Thursday, February 19, 2015

prayer hat

A good friend of mine is fighting an aggressive cancer. A couple of weeks ago she was telling me how she was going to start very strong chemo and her hair was most likely going to fall out. In the two decades that I have known her I have always been struck by two things when she walks into a room: her long-legged height and her thick long brown hair. When she told me about her hair I tried to not let my face react the way my heart felt. I know that in the grand scheme of things hair does not matter. But, it is the needle on the haystack of a series of already unbearable things.

As soon as she said she would lose her hair this exact hat popped into my mind. The style, the color, the fit. It was all there. I knew I had to make it. Four days later I was sending it off to her. It also happened to be her birthday. 

She called me yesterday. She has been feeling lousy from the chemo and yes, she did lose her hair. She loves the hat, it's the hat she has been looking for. She found one on etsy but it wasn't right. She said she never takes if off because her wig looks bad without it. I feel like this hat was a gift from God to my friend. I just had to follow a path that was already laid. 

I  prayed for healing through every stitch I knit. 
Would you please say a prayer for my friend? 


  1. PRAYING!!!! Please email me if she needs meals or something tangible I could provide.

    1. Thank you Gyspy! Yes I will let you know as I find out..

  2. Dear Eve,

    I'll be sure to pray for your friend. You are such a blessing to her! I love the hat.



    1. Thank you so much Marqueta. It is such a comfort to her to know people are praying for her.

  3. It's a beautiful hat. Saying a prayer for your friend. I'm stopping by via Marqueta's blog. Blessings