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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tea and Memories

Each weekday that we are at home everything stops at 3:30 for a tea break. We sit down with a pot of tea and a little something to nibble on. I read from whatever book we happen to be into or something about the current season, poetry or nature study. It’s our time to decompress and settle down. After we may disperse to our own activities, but many times we linger to play a game, read or work on a craft. On days when we are not able to have our tea break I find everyone tends to get cranky and disagreeable around 4:30, I call it “the witching hour”. The combination of resting and appeasing our blood sugar levels seems to do the trick. On tea days the tone is set for the rest of the evening and it usually goes smoothly. You can’t allow activity to continue to escalate without giving the mind (and body) some downtime to recharge.

With my grandma’s recent passing I decided to have our tea in her honor. I sifted through her “Cooky Book” from 1963 for something to make. Grandma Jean had marked off many recipes that she used but I noticed an extra big checkmark on the Scottish Shortbread recipe, so we made them. The table was set with one of grandma’s hand embroidered tablecloths. She gifted me with this one last June. She said it was “for the children” because of the childlike, whimsical motifs all around it. She would have loved to see her things being used and so enjoyed. She had a long life well lived. So instead of mourning, today we celebrate her life. We raise our little pink cups “To Granny Jean!”.

“the oil of gladness, instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”

(taken from Isaiah 63:3)


  1. Oh, what fun! I cannot even believe that tablecloth. You know I want to touch that in person and just study her stitches. Believe it or not, my mom handed down to me that very same "Cooky Book"!

  2. To Granny Jean! What a beautiful way to honor her, Eve :)

  3. Eve--brilliant on so many levels. --nourishment of food, connection with your girlies, a "slow down" In the day.
    I also love that you honored your precious grandmother. What volumes that speaks to your children. And I'm sure it was healing for you, too. =)
    (I know i'm on a blog break, but I couldn't resist me some "Children of Eve"! =)

  4. EVE, how sweet and how beautiful! Thanks for allowing me a glimpse into the life of one person responsible for making you the wonderful, sweet you that you are! I bless God for grandma Jean, and for bringing you into my life! I celebrate her life with you my friend!