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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Recycling an old favorite

Twenty years ago I had a particular favorite shirt. It was already soft and faded when I bought it at a thrift store. What I loved and still love about it is the print. Once the shredding began I retired it to the fabric bin, I didn’t have the heart to throw it away. Well, this week it has emerged to give a little flavor to a plain raglan top I made. I cut a piece of the print from an area that was the least faded and made a collar. That old shirt holds a lot of good memories, a lot of history for me so I am very pleased to be able to wear it again. I’ve decided to turn the rest of it into a wide headband for me and a dress for a doll.
In the background of this photo there is a picture of me and my Dad from around 1988, in it I am wearing the old favorite.

The pattern for the new top is from the Japanese craft book Cotton Time, March 2006 issue.


  1. That's awesome. What a great way to save your old shirt. It looks so nice with the hip collar and plain shirt. Is the whole rest the brownish?.

  2. Earth Mama-
    Yep- it's all brown....but now I'm rethinking it! Might do a couple of odd little pockets on the lower front made form the old shirt. I don't know.

  3. I love it! Can you please teach me how to turn on my sewing maching? Maybe in February? Where did you get the brown fabric?

  4. It is so per-ty!!! The drapping in the front is flawless and seems so natural! I love your now if I hit it big will you also design my wardrobe as well as be my Master chef???o-Michelle

  5. This is a very inspiring post. I wish I were more thrifty and less wasteful.

    Happy New Year to you!! Thanks for popping in to say hi. I still feel like I am recovering from being on holiday - it's so hard to get into LIFE.

  6. fabulous. i have some flannel pj pants that i cannot wear anymore (ripped bottom over and over again). i can't bring myself to throw them out either as they are my favorites! i hope to do something like this with them one day.