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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sally skirt

When the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas came out I was instantly drawn to the character of Sally . I guess it was because I saw myself is her. Back then I too had waist length bright red hair, I loved all things spooky and best of all both Sally and I were proficient with needle and thread. To top it off we both had a brooding boyfriend whom we were trying to keep out of trouble. Since then my hair has gone through many changes, I am even more handy with a needle and that moody beau of mine has turned into one heck of a great husband and father. I hope things turned out as well for Sally.
Now, about that skirt. I came upon this fabric in a clearance bin. It was the hideous combination of Mc Donald’s shades of red and yellow. I bought it, dyed it and packed it away for a couple of years. In an effort to be as Dave Ramsey as possible I have been making my clothes lately. So, this week out came the patchwork and the Sally skirt was made. The little lady next to me is from my Nightmare Before Christmas collection. She is a marionette and for some reason she has pink hair and crossed eyes.

On a side note, if you also like Jack and Sally you may want to check out the book ‘The Patchwork Girl of Oz’ by L. Frank Baum. It was published in 1913 and the similarities are uncanny. The main character is a “well shaped” life-size doll made from “a bed-quilt made of patches of different kinds of colors and cloth, all neatly sewn together.” She has yarn hair and red leather shoes with pointed toes. She is made and brought to life by a magician to be an obedient household servant (sound familiar?). By accident too much ‘cleverness’ is thrown into the potion when she is being made and she has too much of a mind of her own to stay and be a slave. She sets off on many adventures. One of the characters she befriends is Jack Pumpkinhead! Jack cultivates a field of pumpkins so that he can carve a new head whenever the current one starts to spoil. Oh, and he has a dog too. The characters in this one are much more strange and interesting than in the Tim Burton tale, it’s definitely worth a read.

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