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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sheets For Curtains

My girls have a trundle bed so when I buy sheets I get two matching sets. That leaves me with two unused top sheets. They are never used for their intended purpose anyway. Instead they sit in the linen closet waiting patiently for a rare opportunity to become a makeshift tablecloth or picnic blanket. This time I did something a little different. I turned the top sheets into curtains. Since there are two of them, there are my two curtain panels. I just hemmed them to the required length and added a coordinating although unnecessary ribbon at the top. Voila! New curtains. I hung them up with ring clips, you can’t get easier than that. Not to mention that this project satisfies my thrifty nature. You can easily change your curtains whenever you change your sheets, and they’ll always match. Oh, make sure that you wash and dry your sheets before cutting into them so you don’t have them shrinking up on you after they are finished. Also, since sheets are not meant to hang in direct sunlight they will fade, but I am finding with this set that they are fading at the same rate as the sheets are due to the fact that the sheets are washed more often than the curtains. So it works out. I hope some of you will try this. It's not often that you get such a big change with so little effort.

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  1. My mom always did the same thing! Very cute.