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Monday, February 22, 2010

Out and About

After a couple of weeks with car trouble then back to back snow/rain storms I was feeling the effects of being house bound. Lack of the great outdoors left me lethargic and my head hurt. I hadn’t realized how much my body needs and craves fresh air and sunlight. Well, this past week the situation was remedied. I took every opportunity to be outside. Although it’s still quite cold we now have blue skies and sunshine. My energy has returned and my head is clear again. What did we do out there in the cold? Well, one day we went down to the Hudson River to see the eagles coming back from their migration. That in itself is amazing but what I was taken most with was the ice floating on the river, the magical way it sparkled. A few days after that we took a walk on a frozen lake until our ears were burning from the cold. That was exciting and a bit scary. Our last trek of the week was a nice jaunt around one of our all time favorite places for nature walking Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. Stone Barns boasts “80 acres of gardens, pastures and woods”. Our walk brought us to where the cows happened to be hanging out that day. I love the way the cows look in their long winter coats. The sky, the trees, the cows all showing off their particular winter beauty. If I had not purposed myself to bundle us up and get out there we would have missed out on all of these fleeting treasures.

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  1. I thrive when we have blue skies too. Even if I don't get outside I enjoy it through my skylight. Glad you got to soak up some sunshine!