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Friday, March 12, 2010

Girl's Day 2010

March 3rd is Japanese Girl's Day called hina-matsuri (Japanese doll festival). It's a celebration for Japanese girls. Being a big fan of dolls and girls I have adopted this holiday for my family. Last year I made sushi and pink sweets for the occasion. It’s my tendency to set up everything and present it to the girls. But, this year my ten year old had plans of her own. She has been using The Manga Cookcook quite a lot lately and she had her mind set on a certain menu. I relinquished my plans to hers, after all it is Girl's Day. I let the girl do her thing. She made rice balls with nori belts served with shoyu and wasabi and usagi ringo, apples cut into rabbits. I had nothing at all to do with it. Hot boiling rice and sharp knife! She was fearless. I on the other hand mentally played out the horrible possibilities. I am so glad that I resisted the urge to hover over her or worse yet to do it myself. Her confidence and her ability soared, it was a very special Girl’s Day.

“As adults we like to think that we are in control. After all, we have spent years developing our ideas and sharpening our minds. But, which is more fundamental: an adult’s intellect or a child’s innocence and faith? Whereas an adult has narrowed his hopes and expectations, a child dreams and wonders.”

from Toward A Meaningful Life, The Wisdom of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson by Simon Jacobson


  1. I'm impressed she made that herself! :)

    I need to get my kids into the kitchen with me a little more often. And, I need to find my patience...I'm sure it's around here let them help out. They love it when they do!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. Great quote! And lovely post...I want to add girl's day to my life somehow next year.....:-)

  3. impressed! i love girl's day and it's the perfect time of year for us to celebrate as well... right before both boys' birthdays!