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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recycle Sewing and Snow Bunnies

I cannot remember when we’ve had as much snow as we got last week. When a big snow is predicted I plan for it. I stock the house with food, water, candles, batteries and lots of library books. Then we settle in. Outside obligations come to a halt and I look forward to a couple of days of reading, sewing and making comfy foods. This time I made myself a pair of pajamas out of an old red flannel sheet and a pair of bloomers out of curtains that a friend was getting rid of. I make sheets into curtains and clothes out of curtains. While I was busy with all that my daughter did a bit of recycle sewing herself. She made this adorable black bunny out of a glove of mine whose match has been missing since last winter. Of course I found it’s mate the day after the rabbit was made! I told my girl that she must turn that one into a bunny too. It’s much easier to live with two very cute bunnies than one lonely glove.

The snowy season calls for special foods like these whole wheat donuts. To combat the gray/white sky I try to put as much ‘sunshine’ on the table as I can.


  1. Cute! Could you e-mail me your ww doughnut recipe? I lost mine.

  2. yummy and homey. i feel all cosy inside.....

  3. The bunny, it's so cute! Your daughter got a skill from you! How nice! I miss snowing!

  4. I loved that... about it being easier to live with two bunnies than one lost glove. Great way to spend a winter storm slow-down. : )