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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Knitting socks

I have been knitting for three years, for half of that time my focus has been primarily on socks. When I first started out it was so complicated. Until I realized that all knitting really comes down to those two stitches, knit and purl. Keeping that in mind I plunged fearlessly on. Now for me knitting in the round is more enjoyable than flat knitting. When the piece starts to take on a real sock shape it’s like magic. I just follow the pattern and pretty soon...there is a foot shape! Socks are small, they don’t take up much yarn which not only makes them a less pricey project then say, a sweater, but It also means that they take less of your time. I love the new self striping sock yarns that are available, they are mathematically figured to automatically stripe themselves as you knit along. That is fun. The self striping prompts you to go on because you want to find out what it’s going to look like.The pair shown here are the socks from my Socks and Bones post. Here I am balancing along on a log in the middle of a marshy place filled with skunk cabbage. I managed to make it across without getting my new socks wet and slimy.  

“And I am hypnotized by knitting socks. Once a sock has been cast on to five double-pointed needles, I adore the mindlessness of going round and round like a hamster in a wheel.”

“The only way to knit a sock in the round is to keep coming back to your starting point. But, almost imperceptibly, progress is made. It’s a pattern, yes, but it’s not really a circle, it’s a spiral and all the stitches and rows, like days and weeks, are linked to form an unbroken chain. We can think we are getting nowhere with the cyclical nature of domesticity, and yet all the time, as with sock knitting we are moving on to a new row or color.”

quotes are from The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket


  1. Love them! I really want to learn.

  2. OK! Maybe that can be something to do on our friday co-op. How does "Knitting in Nature" sound for our theme?

  3. Oh, I would so love to learn to knit. A friend tried to teach me but I'm a terrible student. If I knitted, I'd knit socks. And they would probably look an awful lot like yours :)