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Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet 16

Today we celebrated my 16th wedding anniversary. We have actually been together for a whopping 25 years, but married 16. This day is also my Grandma Jean's birthday. Grandma Jean loved roses and my husband and I both love gardens, so we spent the day at The NY Botanical Garden. The rose garden  was especially beautiful.

A doll named Rose came with us. I made her a couple of years ago to peek out of my daughter’s Christmas stocking. She is like a rose that is a bit past her day of perfection. She is a little weathered from all of her adventures and being well loved. 

The happy couple, me and Daddy-O.


  1. Eve, that's so awesome! You guys have been together since I was three!! You have a beautiful marriage and family, filled with the witness of the Lord's faithfulness and love. I hope you had a wonderful day of "sporting in the garden" (hee hee) to celebrate your love and commitment. And you even wore your Christmas gypsy skirt to make it more special. Yay! ~L

  2. Hey-Famaddict, yeah we starting dating when we were 2! Ha Ha
    You know I gotta wear my shiny skirt for special occasions.