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Monday, August 30, 2010

Educating Souls

As summer winds down my thoughts turn to the coming homeschool season. This is the time I finalize my ideas and collect whatever books and resources that will most benefit my family. What I am realizing more and more is that my task is not to educate minds only, but souls. Whether you school or homeschool, you will agree that academics take a back seat to the more important thing- the relationships we have with our children. You can always catch up with your studies, but mending a bruised parent/child relationship is not easy or simple. This year as we learn all we can about this amazing world, I will be ever mindful to allow them to grow in the way that they should grow, not in the way that suits me. I will come alongside them in their struggles and not crush their spirits.

Having just read Hilda Van Stockum’s ‘Canadian Summer’ to the girls I am drawn to this quote. I am making it my own:
When asked if she has any special wish for her children the mother replied “Yes I do. I want you to become men and women who are easily  moved by God’s inspiration. I think there is nothing more beautiful in the world than a soul who is sensitive to the language of God, whether He speaks in nature or in art, or through people, or whispers directly into our hearts. I think we are happy and alive just so much as our ears are open to His voice and our eyes to His handiwork. That is what I wish for you and that alone. Then I know you will choose the right way of life for yourselves.”

As I endeavor to teach my children I will revisit this post again and again, to refocus on what is truly important.

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  1. Eve I LOVE that quote!! so great. What a wonderful inspiration to have before you all as you begin the school year.

  2. After spending the last few hours (days really) sorting books, supplies, making plans for the new school year, I truly NEEDED to read this post and be reminded that this choice to homeschool was not made so that I could force feed some curriculum to my kids, but rather to have the opportuntity to watch them grow, change, and learn to become the people God created them to be. You have challenged me to keep the focus about relationships...with each child...with our most powerful and loving God. May your school year be a wonderful blessing to you and the girls!

  3. very beautiful...what lucky children you have!

  4. I love it! Thank you for your sharing and thoughts and allowing God to work in you. God has been impressing on me the importance of relationships, especially those with my children. He led me here to help solidify what He is teaching me. Heidi

  5. Thank you all for your comments, they mean a lot to me. This subject is so important for all of us, we need to encourage and inspire each other as we go along.