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Monday, July 23, 2012

summer cup and summer book

Am I the only one who buys myself a birthday present? Well, I do. My birthday is very close to Christmas so it can get overshadowed, and rightly so! Some years ago I started a fun tradition. At some point throughout the year I will buy myself a little something, always something unnecessary. Not expensive, but special to me. I wrap it up and ignore it until it's time to place in under the Christmas tree. That's how I came by this lovely flower teacup and leaf saucer set. Not only did I save it for my birthday, but after I opened it I decided it was a "summer cup". It looked out of place on my holiday/winter table. I would wait for summer to use it. So here I am loving my flower cup. Watching out my window at the bees, hummingbirds and butterflies sipping at the flowers while I sip at mine. I guess I am not one for instant gratification, I like having and doing things in their proper time. I revel in the different seasons and the possibilities they bring. I have wanted to read blogger Clarice-Fox Hughes book 'Wren Bay- the story of making a home' for some time now. I love her blog Storybook Woods. She is a blogger of beauty, always inspiring me. I got it in my head that this book, Wren Bay was to be my vacation book. I always pick a book for my beach read that will be a real treat. I have had this book in my possession for weeks now, do you know how hard it has been not to peek? The time is coming soon though for me to devour it. I have no doubt it will be well worth the wait.


  1. Wonderful on both accounts! I have a daughter whose birthday is right after Christmas, and I think she would enjoy this same tradition. Also, we're preparing for a long driving trip to the northwest and my middle girl is saving certain new books to enjoy then. Makes me think of your book. . . which I now want to go see. Lovely thoughts.

  2. Awwww thank you Eve and happy belated birthday. I hope hope Wren inspires you. I have been told by many she is like a little vacation. By the way I always buy my own b-day gifts. I love hubby but him shopping for me, not a good idea. It does not bother me one bit. I am thinking your idea of getting a gift, wrapping it and saving is a wonderful idea. Thank you sooooo much !! Clarice
    PS thank you for letting em know you got Wren. LULU only tells me when my book sells, not who buys it. So I never know who has Wren!!

  3. I love that you do everything with such purpose. And what a sweet mug you chose! xoxo

  4. ooh! want to borrow that when you are done...but no rush of course! ;) want you to savor it!

  5. Happy Birthday! ;) My youngest daughter's birthday is near Christmas and she reminds me of you in that she savors and saves things for their rightful time (or what feels right to her). I am not so patient I'm afraid.
    P.S. I hope you enjoy Wren Bay! I know I did. :)))

  6. Thank you for your comments ladies, I really appreciate each one. I haven't blogged in a while, your comments make me want to keep going with it. I love being connected to such great people!