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Thursday, August 8, 2013

What's for breakfast?

 I don't have a huge appetite in the morning. I like picking though. A cup of good tea is essential. After that we pretty much eat whatever our bodies want. That could mean anything from soup, salad, salmon, to the more traditional oatmeal. Our tastes are seasonal. Pancakes are definitely a fall thing. Fresh baked buns, winter. Tea is the only constant in my breakfast offering. My littlest one needs the most food in the morning. She can't sit still, always burning energy. She wants miso soup, my goat cheese, berries and olives. So she gets it. It keeps her busy and satisfied.
One of my summer day breakfasts. I wake up with a craving for very vinegary salad, so that's what I eat.
During the summer we enjoy pesto bread for breakfast, tea and bedtime snack. My daughter could live on this stuff and sometimes she does. Along with our daily salad dressings it's another way to get loads of fresh garlic into us.
Some days (quite often), this is all I want. I crave good butter. Every day. Some fat is needed in the diet. This is how I take mine, with no guilt. 
We do eat "real" breakfast foods too, like oatmeal or waffles. When the mood strikes I make my all time favorite Vitamix recipe whole wheat waffles. While my girls are having oatmeal with maple syrup I might be eating my oatmeal raw, with lots of seeds or nuts and a shredded apple. Food, like all of life is best lived when it is not monotonous. When I wake up I never know exactly what the day will hold, there are so many choices, so many possibilities. As the seasons and our moods change, why not what's on our plates?


  1. Yummmmm. To all of it. I rarely wake up hungry, and almost never in the mood for starchy, sweet "breakfast foods" that leave me craving more all day. I prefer to graze on leftover protein from dinner or fruit and yogurt, or sometimes raw veggies with peanut butter or cheese. Of course, I also believe in the goodness of quality fat. Butter, cheese, peanut butter, olives, avocados are all good accents to wholesome meals. And so delicious, too. Too bad our weight-obsessed society demonizes these foods in favor of diet sodas and other chemically-enhanced non-foods.
    Was that safari animal waffle maker another zoo purchase? So fun!

  2. I am with you on tea, it is must. Looks like you eat pretty good for breakfast!! CLarice

  3. Every time I read this I start wishing for piles of pesto bread...