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Friday, November 15, 2013

Autumn: bringing it in

We bring bits of nature into the house during every season. Fall though seems to make the biggest  impact. I love it! Even on the short walk to my mailbox I come back with something pretty. Although we have a couple of designated "nature shelves" the rest of the house is being taken over by the great outdoors.
Did you ever do this as a kid? I did and now I do it with my girls. Collect leaves and iron them between waxed paper to hang in windows or use as place mats and table runners.
Of course I am crazy about things that represent the natural, like my pumpkin teapot. Yesterday I got the notion to make acorn shaped cakes for tea time. The baking pan I used is shaped kind of like an egg carton. I dipped the tops in chocolate and there you have it---acorns!
 I made these gluten free pumpkin bars even though I don't have a gluten problem. I am always looking for nice recipes that I can serve my GF friends. Use any pumpkin pie filling recipe that you love and bake it on this GF crust. I pre-baked the crust first for about 15 minutes before pouring on the filling. It's really good. 

Crust: 1 1/2 cups almond meal + 3 TBS fat (butter/coconut oil) + 1 TBS sugar (or packet of stevia)
Press crust into pan evenly, I used rectangular  tart pan with removable bottom.

See more of my Pumpkin Tasties here: 


  1. Oh Oh OH! That pumpkin teapot!! Oh my how wonderful it is! Where did you find that??

    1. Yes, that teapot is one of my prized possessions! It's from

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Eve, I use almost exactly that as my go-to crust now! I made cheesecake yesterday and lemon merengue pie today in almond meal shells. Yummmm! And I was feeling like acorns this week too, so I decorated a homemade pastry platter that I was bringing to friends with acorns. I made mine more simply, using frosting to stick a hershey kiss onto one side of a mini nutter butter and a chocolate morsel on the opposite side. They were so cute and look like they belong strewn across my Thanksgiving dessert table, along with my acorn-top candles. I also like the leaf decoration. I think I will try it with my family, each choosing a leaf, and then after it's ironed, writing something they are thankful for on that leaf and hanging it on our front door window.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity! xo

    1. Great ideas Cowgirl! (Your cheesecake is the best)

  3. Dear Eve,

    What autumn loveliness you have! We have tracked in lots of leaves here, but haven't waxed any of them yet. :) We'd better get on it, though, since the wind is calling to the leaves to go o'er the meadow and play today, and they'll be gone before we know it.

    I love the teapot and acorn cakes; so perfect!



  4. Delightful treats you have made.

    G/F necessity here... And for my next door daughter in law, also.

    Glad that seeing me mention Elsa Beskow on Storybook Woods blog, brought you over to my blog. Oh yes, don't you just love those types of story books for children??? Well, I say, for children, and for the young at heart. :-)


  5. Love you acorn cookies. We do not have a gluten problem either but I cook a lot of GF stuff. I think balance in ones diet is important!! Clarice

    1. Yes-Clarice,
      I completely agree, balance is key to a healthy diet.
      Thanks for popping in!