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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Doll Skins

When we are cooped up in the house as we have been, my girls rummage through my stuff. My closet is filled with interesting boxes, baskets and bins containing objects waiting to be rediscovered. I have a large bin filled with my childhood dollhouse furniture and miniatures. I have huge fabric bins, yarn bins, vintage clothes and shoes for dress up (I've seriously got at least 5 cloaks), embroidery supplies, beads, my grandmas jewelry (and mine), hats and DOLLS. 

Vintage Barbies and Dawn dolls, my Sashas, dollhouse dolls, a suitcase of 18" dolls and another suitcase of clothes for them. There are also dolls that I have made over the years. Some have sentimental value because of the times in my life that they were created. I call them my "therapy dolls". There are also dolls I made with the intent to sell, but my girls won't let me because they have fallen in love with them. There are too many of these. 

 So my young one was rummaging and found a pile of what I call "doll skins". I just stuffed them and I am about to breath life into them. I am looking forward to it, it's been a while since I made a doll. I have been knitting too much! I have these ideas for male dolls. I really want to put some beards on! Stay tuned for who will emerge from this pile of skins. If my girls will let me, I will put some into my Etsy shop. We'll see how that goes...


  1. Yes!! Do a bearded doll series! That sounds super fun! Please post pics of the progress and finished product.

  2. Dear Eve,

    Your doll skins look like lots of fun! I have tons of boxes of creativeness hanging around our basement, waiting for the day when I can get to them. You will probably get to yours first. :)

    May spring and warmer weather find us both soon!



  3. Hi Eve, I admire anyone that can sew, and I'll be back to see what you do with the doll skins. Thanks for visiting Curious Acorn. It's been a busy winter and I haven't kept up with my blog very well. The beeswax candles do smell delicious. I almost hate to burn them. It's one of the pleasures of beekeeping. Sadly, we lost our bees to this crazy weather, but will be re-populating the hives in spring. Thanks for commenting - it's nice to meet you.