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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Under the Weather

This is my little arsenal of remedies I've been carrying around. I keep everything in one place, always close at hand.  I can quickly put drops into an ear, squirt a sore throat, rub oil into lymph nodes, message arnica into aching thighs.
You get the picture.
We are "under the weather".

On the bright side, 10 skeins of mushroom colored yarn and our new read aloud book arrived today. 
Perfect timing really. It's such a dull and rainy day. What's a better way to nurse a cold than with a new story and a new project?

While waiting for the yarn for my newest project to arrive, I needed a little something to keep busy. I started a super quick ribbed vest on number 15 needles. I like wearing knitted vests around the house. They keep me warm, while leaving my arms fully free. I was knitting along and when it came time to start decreasing for the armholes, I just couldn't do it. Even though I've had this yarn for years I'd never seen how it looked actually knitted. I love the soft color changes. So, I just kept knitting...I still am. I guess it's going to be a big scarf (maybe shawl?). 

Under the weather: Colloquial expression for sick or ill as, for example, to be under the weather with the flu. The phrase "under the weather" came from British sailing ships. When a sailor became ill he was confined below deck out of the weather, so it was said that he was under the weather. (

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  1. Sorry to hear you have a sick household. Same here. Keeping your remedies in one basket is a smart idea. Feel better soon. Clarice