To Amuse and Delight

Monday, April 21, 2014


Through all the fogs through
all earth's wintry skies

I scent the spring, I feel
the eternal air

Warm soft & dewy, filled with
flowery eyes

And gentle murmuring motions

Of life in bird & tree & brook
and moss-

Thy breath wakes beauty, faith &
bliss & prayer

And strength to hang with nails
upon Thy Cross.

-Lilias Trotter (from A Passion for the Impossible)

*the photo: We were at The NY Botanical Garden. My daughter inched closer and closer to a little brown rabbit who just stood there for the longest time nibbling on a plant. He seemed oblivious to us. He was straight out of a Beatrix Potter story, all that was missing was his little blue jacket.


  1. Dear Eve,

    What a lovely poem, and wonderful photo! It does look straight out of a story book (and I'm glad it's not in my garden, the little scamp!). :)



  2. Yes- Marqueta, I know what you mean. As soon as the first tasty bits pop up in my garden those rascal rabbits also pop up.

  3. I was really touched by this photo and the poem! Bunnies are the best, and Peter is my very favorite.