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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring, Knitting and Frogs

My daughter has been knitting for around six years, the exact amount of time I have been knitting. She wanted to learn, so I learned so I could teach her. It all started with this book. Although she knits and crochets quite a bit, she never used patterns...until this hood.
 She usually gets an idea of what she wants and just goes to it.  She wanted a fox, so she made this. She doesn't plan it out. She just starts crocheting and as she says, "feels" what to do.
 I can do that with food and fabric, but not with yarn. 
Over the years I have suggested that she learn to read and follow a pattern. She never wanted to.  No need, no interest, why do it? Until the book Woodland Knits arrived. She flipped through it and saw this hood.

 "I'm going to make this hood in green.", she said. 

She ordered the yarn, bought double pointed needles and the circular set that it needed and knocked it out in a couple of days. First time on DPNs and circular. She also altered it, "I didn't want it so long, so I shortened it and added a tassel." Oh, first time for a tassel too. 
When the interest is there, learning is comes naturally and is self motivated.
Today we caught our first frog (and a few crayfish as well).
So for me, it's officially Spring!
Listen to the frog. Yep- he says, "It's definitely spring. Now put me down."


  1. Her work is AMAZING!!! What a gift!

  2. Discovering your wonderful blog...each post is a gift! My oldest daughter, too, knits without a pattern. When she was little, she knit an entire wardrobe for her Waldorf doll; which she helped to sew. I love how our children build on the little seeds we plant! Her fox is adorable!