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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

my summer book pile

I' m very deliberate with my book selections for each season. It's the same with my craft projects. I enjoy certain things more at specific times of the year.

 When the weather is cool I look forward to holing up with a long, long "people" story. Novels in which a hard life builds character or historical fiction are exactly what I want to read when I'm snowed in with a big pot of tea. Similarly, I want winter craft projects that are long and challenging. 

When summer hits I want short and topical. I'll also go for a quick biography. Just the facts please, not something that will be emotionally draining or need pondering over. My attention span is shorter in the summer. I get easily distracted by everything that is so good about this time of year. Summer is spontaneous while winter is well thought out. I must move a plant to a new location because it just doesn't look right, I have to quickly get a bucket for a jelly fish or a jar for some fire flies. Food prep is quicker, getting everyone dressed and out is quicker. These summer days are flying by and I'm not going to miss a thing.

My problem this year is that I seem to have gone a bit overboard with my summer book pile. It's hard to pick which one to read next because I want to start them all right now!

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  1. Read the big sucker in the middle first! The rest will be a breeze.