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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Talk of Spring

I really want to talk to you of Springtime, birds and bright colors popping up out of the ground. But I can't because here in NY, right is snowing! Not just a few flurries, it's coming down fast in big clumps. 

Instead, to satisfy my need for the cute and colorful I will show you this gift that I crocheted for a little friend. I also made a cotton lunch sack to store it in when not being played with using one of my favorite japanese fabrics. 
It evokes a day that I am eagerly awaiting. A day of blue sky, warm sun and pretty picnic. 


  1. This is great! Maybe you can crochet me a nice green lawn with colorful flowers next? I really can't take much more of this weather!

  2. Wonderful ideas, Eve! I admit that I feel a little guilty enjoying spring here in Missouri, when I know many of my friends are still under a blanket of snow! This, too, shall pass!