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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

a sucker for mushrooms

With the variety of shapes, colors and flavors, I just can't resist mushrooms. They are so clean and easy to cook.

Especially when they are packaged like this! So cute and tasty, I can't say no.

Breakfast is one of my favorite times for mushrooms, with scrambled eggs and basil...

or cabbage and fried egg.

In salad

In soup

Anywhere is right for mushrooms!


  1. Dear Eve,

    I am in complete agreement about mushrooms! I have it from an mushroom expert that we should eat them, in as many ways as possible, several times a week for cancer and other disease prevention. Sounds good to me!



  2. Wow, I knew you loved mushrooms in your decor and fabrics, but I didn't realize you used so many in your cooking as well! I'm not nearly so adventurous. I usually stick to portobello or button mushrooms. Did you know that all mushrooms contain a level of toxicity when raw? Most adults are unaffected by smaller quantities of the safe mushrooms but they are always supposed to be cooked before consumption. So now I always pick them out of restaurant salads. I learned that on a hike with Wildman Steve Brill. :-)

  3. I am crazy about mushrooms but textile ones :P
    No, all jokes aside, we also try to use them as much as possible in our diet and I am always searching for new recipes to try.