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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Morning Mushroom Walk

 We are experiencing a NY heat wave, so we haven't been in the woods lately.  The heat makes us droopy and the most annoying loving bugs are out.  My family is missing the nature walks that are such a integral part of our life. This morning we set out extra early to avoid the heat and the bugs.

I didn't think that we would see so many mushrooms, the burning sun dries them up quickly. 

We were happily surprised that there were so many.

We stopped to eat our breakfast and the girls fed the fish.

Enjoying my morning tea on a nice shady rock, looking forward to autumn.


  1. You have inspired me to head out early! I always feel like we need to eat breakfast and get morning chores done before our adventures but a picnic breakfast looks lovely this time of year! Teatown is so pretty any time.

  2. Yeah, this was new for us too. Roll out of bed and out the door! When we got home it was still morning, we felt like our day had been extended. Now we plan to get out even earlier next time.

  3. Gosh I hope is cooler soon but some great finds. I love it when that happens. Clarice