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Thursday, November 18, 2010

more precious than jewels

My grandmother passed away about a year ago. My father has been steadily cleaning out her house since then. He recently called me to say that he found “more of those knitting needle things, some really strange looking ones.” So, of course I had to go over and claim them before they went into the garbage can. I guess some of them are kind of strange looking to a non-knitter. My Grandma Jean was a serious knitter. Lots of circulars, straight needles, double pointed needles and crochet hooks. Some are so old that I’ve never seen any like them before. The color has been  worn off the tips and the thinner needles are actually bent from so much use. There are stitch holders and stitch counters so old and brittle they crack when I try to use them. It turned out to be the perfect time for me to acquire these new treasures. Here I am knitting a sweater, coming to that point where I need to switch over to a circular needle to finish the neck. I wasn’t liking the idea that I had to go out and buy new needles for 2 inches of neck. I kept putting it off. Would you believe there in grandma’s stash was the right size circular I needed? Brand new and in it’s original packaging! They are great too, super pointy (which I like) and very smooth. When I use my grandmother’s needles I feel closer to her than say, when wearing her jewelry. The bent, worn out needles are a testimony to my grandmother’s character. Which makes them more precious than jewels.


  1. I love this. :)

    And that red is gorgeous.

    (Hey, I see the woodlands scarf below!)

    Your comment at Seedlings made me smile.

  2. love this!!! so much love in that sweater....

  3. Oh, Eve! Isn't it funny how loving someone means you treasure their used up old "junk" more than their treasures? When my grandma passed away my sisters were all arguing over who got what and all I cared about was her marked up old cookbook. When my nanny (other grandmother) died it was the same thing, but I got the best thing of all - her empty old wallet that still smells of her perfume every time I open it. :-)
    It's so nice that you can remember her not just by using her tools, but also by doing what she loved to do. And you are such an artist, I bet she would have loved nothing more than to have those needles continue to create beautiful clothes to keep your family warm. It's like wrapping them in generations of love.