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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hanging the Cheese

My family thinks it quite comical when I say, "It's time to hang the cheese". My husband is the first one to enter the kitchen in the morning and when he sees the cheese he says it makes him laugh. He says it reminds him of me and it is funny. The cheese in this case is cheese made from goat yogurt. I started doing this a few months ago and now it has become a staple food around here. Especially for breakfast.  I stopped buying goat cheese and cream cheese. Instead a 32 oz. tub of goat yogurt makes a whole lot of cheese for the money. Just plop the whole container out on a tea towel lined with paper towel, gather it tightly and hang it. I hang mine overnight. If you find it's too wet, just hang it some more. You can flavor it with any herbs and spices you like. I can't really say I make cheese, it makes itself.
This is my everyday breakfast. I eat the cheese with olives and arugula. When I run out of breakfast cheese, it's time to hang more. Of course this is accompanied by a strong cup (or pot) of English tea.
I fancied up the lowly cheese when I had my friend, Dierdre over for tea recently. I made a sandwich of rosemary/grape foccacia with beets and the cheese. 


  1. Hi Eve...this looks sooo delicious!!! My kind of food! Thanks so much for posting the steps as I've been wanting to try cheese as well and this looks incredibly do-able. The closest I've come so far is to hang sour milk from cheesecloth to drain the whey for fermenting veggies--you probably already know, but this is only a good idea if you use unpasturized milk...otherwise it's rancid...but Greek yogurt or goat milk yogurt would be much more economical (the milk is outrageously expensive out here). I use the creamy cheese left in the bag with eggs and scramble...or add sea salt and/or a dab of honey and spread on homemade flax bread. Speaking of which, the crackers (?) in your photo look a lot like flax bread...was wondering if you make this as well?
    Thanks so much for the great post, as always!
    P.S. Those olives have my mouth watering too!

  2. Hey Gypsy- Yo can try some tomorrow!

  3. Hello Tracey-
    That flat bread/cracker is Finn Crisp, made from rye. We are addicted! I do make dehydrated flax/sesame seed crackers though. I will blog about that one day.

  4. Looks wonderful! What a perfect breakfast or as part of tea. I can't have cheese anymore due to a dairy allergy I discovered a year ago, but I keep hearing about potential ways to heal. I must admit, this post makes me want to pursue those so I could partake. I want to hang some cheese:)

  5. In my opinion, hung cheese is one of the many great blessings in my life.

  6. Hello there! And so nice to meet you!~ Wow, this is such an easy and neat really looks delicious! And what a yummy breakfast! You have a lovely blog here :)

  7. I can't believe I'm going to say this... it looks good!