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Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July dresses

 I finished my dress just in time to wear it for the 4th of July. My french vibe picnic was complete. We strolled through an amazing sunken garden, had our picnic (pan bagnat, pickled crudite, and dark chocolate truffles), saw a Duke Ellington tribute concert with fireworks to finish it off.
 The dress is so light and comfortable, it's like wearing your coziest cotton nighty. I wore it again today to church because it was so hot out. We don't have air conditioning yet so we had the service outside. The property is edged with woods and thickets of wild blackberries grow there. After church my little one and I picked berries to make Vitamix ice cream, a real treat after such a hot day.
This time last year I was on a gingham kick. I bought yards of gingham in all colors. My family and I went to the same place for the 4th that we went to this year. It has become a tradition. With gardens, concert and fireworks it's the perfect place to celebrate. Last year I made and wore this brown gingham dress and we had a classic Americana picnic. Who knows what will strike my fancy for the next Fourth of July. 


  1. I like your 4th of July tradition! The setting and the dress(es) are delightful:)

  2. This dress is my favorite yet! When I saw you yesterday I had to leave my conversation and run right over to compliment it. Great job! Please let me know if/when you list them on Etsy because I'd definitely buy one. Or a zillion.

    1. Thanks Cowgirl-
      I really do want to put something in my etsy's been too long that I have. I just keep making stuff for us! Oh, well. I will let you know when I do here on the blog. I may even pick your brain as to what you would like to see.

  3. Dear Eve,

    Such lovely dresses! Gingham and floral, it's hard to choose, isn't it? Picking blackberries after church sounds perfect, too!