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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Berry Knits

Why am I knitting during the hottest most humid week of the summer? I don't know! With all the other summer activities I thought I would put knitting off until September, but I just couldn't do it. I found a bag full of ends of some of my favorite yarns. Little red balls like berries, waiting to be turned into something tasty. So, I started knitting a tank top...yeah a wool tank top. Strange but true.
My other fixation these days is berry picking. These things are popping up everywhere and so abundantly. Even though it has been 100 degrees we are out there picking away. It gets to be a compulsion, once you start something primal kicks in and you are possessed to grab every red jewel you see. And that's a lot. 
Every time we decide we've had enough and start walking away we spy another cluster that just begs picking.
Of course we were eating berries the entire time we were picking, but as soon as we got our bounty home we ate more. This time with whipped cream. They lasted a few days for fresh eating and then I made jam tarts from what was left. Looking at these pictures is giving me that urge to go picking again very soon.


  1. The red berries, the red yarn, there's a thing here right? What lovely colours, just right for Summer peaking and rolling downhill to Autumn.

    By the way, I'm in DEEP AWE of anyone who can knit. I love what you've done!

    1. Thanks so much Rhissanna! Glad you got that color "thing". A lot of things connect in my mind around color.

  2. No comments yet? Really?
    Come on, people!
    This post gives me an idea...
    I need to photoshop little balls of yarn into one big yarn berry!

    1. Rosie-
      I am posting your yarn berry today. I love it!