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Monday, December 22, 2014

Honoring Christmas

As a  Christian I believe and keep the true meaning of Christmas- Jesus. I also completely enjoy the traditional trappings of Christmastime. I  revel in this time of year. The world celebrates, they have parties, hang lights, decorate trees and strive to spend more time with they ones they love. Some may even stumble into a church. Their actions may not convey their beliefs but they are still reminders of the birth of Jesus and his blessings which are poured on us all whether we choose to  believe in him or not.
 I trimmed the tree. (happy to have my new Moomin House  ormanent)

I decked the halls, the mantle and yes...even the skulls for Christmas.

 I made little tags while fondly thinking of the people who will receive them.

I baked cookies with my girls. Yes! More Moomin.

And a gingerbread house for them to decorate.

We even had fun celebrating this one's Christmastime birthday (two years old) with veggies and a new hairstyle.

Sure I have fun with holidays and seasons, but I never forget who it is that gave us the seasons, the animals, the beauty of this earth and then even his own life.

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. ~Charles Dickens


  1. Dear Eve,

    What a lovely celebration; I love your skull collection! And the guinea pig, and all the other fun stuff. :) May we all pause each day to remember the reason for the Season.



  2. Thank you Marqueta- that is just a tiny bit of our skull collection. My husband started collecting back in college and since then people keep giving us skulls!

    Everything we enjoy is through God. He obviously wants us to have a good time, just look around at what he has made!
    Have a lovely Christmas!!
    love, eve

  3. Such fun, Eve! I also just love celebrating and decorating for holidays and seasons. Not so much to honor the holiday itself, but for the fun of doing something for the pure appreciation of it. I'm not artistic in any way, but I like to think that the Lord is the master artist and when we celebrate His handiwork it pleases Him. I marvel that He gave, only to humans, the ability to appreciate beauty or to feel the inspiration to create. (It's such a privilege to know so many individuals, like your family, with talents that mimic those of our creator!) So, maybe I cannot paint or sing or sew, but I can certainly make the most of any reason to celebrate and create homey traditions that my children will remember and perhaps even carry on or build on someday.

    1. Yes Gypsy I agree that it is a privilege to mimic our God any way that we can. I think every person is creative in some way, after all we are made in the Creator's image.