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Thursday, December 11, 2014

two little beardy men

Remember those little doll skins I found?  I ended up using them to teach a few of my daughter's friends how to make dolls. They each got a doll skin of their own to start with. They had fun putting hair and clothes on them but when it came time to put on the faces all the girls froze up. They said they didn't want faces after all. 

I know exactly how they feel. I actually made these two little chaps quite a while ago. I was very excited to try out facial hair. But when it was time to paint their faces on I too froze. The face can really make or break a doll. It either makes it come alive or kills it. 

I finally just did it, I cleared an afternoon and made a date with Mr. Tumnus and Mr. Gnome. The Gnome came to me pretty quickly, but I had trouble with Tumnus. In fact I disliked what I had done so much I painted over the whole thing with skin color and started over. I am very happy with both of them now. When my daughters scream and beg me not to sell dolls I know that I got it right. They squeaked for these two little chaps so I think that they are all right. They are currently in my etsy shop if you would like to see more of them.


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    1. Thank you Gypsy. I am trying to figure out that ginger dressing! I have to come up with measurements and then you will be the first to get it.

  2. Dear Eve,

    You are so fun! Your children can't help but be creative with you for a mother.

    I hope you're having a wonderful pre-Christmas season.




    1. Dear Marqueta- I have to say I have become more creative I think since I have been home full time with my children. They inspire and give me new perspective every day.

  3. So sweet, I think you did a wonderful job. Well done!! Clarice