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Monday, December 29, 2014

small things

My daughters gave me these small and wonderful gifts. Teeny things seem more precious and magical. My 15yo had a little acorn 3D printed for me and my 11yo crocheted the tiniest fly agaric mushrooom. I love them both! 

Well, here's a small thing that was not supposed to be so small. I have a bad habit of not making size gauge swatches before starting a project. Eager to get going I just start knitting. In this case I knitted a whole sweater and then realized that I have a sweater way too tiny for me. I'll sew up the side seams later today and then I'll know how small it really is. That will determine which daughter will be getting a new sweater.

I got this lovely Cubics interchangeable circular needle set for Christmas and have started the sweater seen here on the cover of New England Knits. All of the sweaters in this book are done on circulars. Starting my new year of knitting off right, I did make a swatch for the correct size this time. 

Wishing you all a Very Excellent New Year!!!


  1. Dear Eve,

    What a sweet mushroom! How nice that you have daughters handy to wear your under-sized sweater. My adventures with knitting have turned out badly; I have to use a loom, or everything goes awry!



    1. Hello Marqueta-

      Don't give up with the knitting! It can take a while to finally kick in, and when it does it will be worth the trouble. Think of all the adorable things you will knit for your grandchildren one day!

  2. Two PERFECT gifts!! I love that they put so much thought and creativity into them!